Class IT Group purpose

We build a solid IT foundation for our clients from all over the world, through IT education, IT software, IT infrastructure solutions and services, a foundation that contributes to the success of their businesses!

Our story

In 2001, a team of 3 young IT enthusiasts led by Bogdan Tudor started outsourcing services in Romania. At that time, IT outsourcing was a novelty in Romania and those who had the confidence to test us were the local entrepreneurs. In the first 10 years, the results obtained for clients were based only on a high level of technical expertise of the team. In the next 10 years, we developed the innovative software tools that support the technical team to deliver the agreed level of services both for the Romanian client and for the global clients. After 18 years of "running" after the best technicians and specialists in Romania, I accepted that there are too few of them. Today, we depend more on us, our own technical training center provides a guarantee for the future.

Our focus

Lets build an internationally recognized local brand of IT support solutions and services that leverage the potential of Romanian IT specialists through software innovations.

Our goal

Memorable IT experiences for any employee so that technology becomes an ally for businesses in Romania and around the world.

Come with us!

UNIQUE IT ecosystem in Romania

servicii IT

Through the IT services provided at the national level, companies benefit from the necessary support for the coverage of IT risks, situations of non-functioning IT systems, and for support employees activity, without interruptions in activity.

Star Team is a team made up of over 240 Class IT specialists and technicians, which developed a unique organizational culture, in which we have successfully combined the concepts of work and play (gamification) and emotion in the daily activities we carry out. [...]

How do we succeed?


Software solutions that guarantee a detailed organization of the client’s infrastructure -
hardware and software -, eliminating business risks due to licensing,
reducing the number of business interruptions and controlling the delivery of IT services.

Optimum Desk means for you:

Simple process of registering a request for IT support, through EaseeDesk (

Complete and detailed inventory of hardware systems, through Inventoree (

Complete and detailed inventory of hardware systems, through Inventoree (

Simple process of registering a request for IT support, through EaseeDesk (

Software management and control - (inventory and installation / uninstallation / remote update, without interrupting the users activity, through SoftSee (

The groups own IT training center provides a guarantee for the future. StarTech Academy offers IT education to young people without experience or those who want to change their careers.

For the clients of the Class IT group, StarTech Academy is the guarantee of delivering services in an efficient way, regardless of how many corporations will open their support centers in Romania or how many IT professionals will be recruited to deliver globally.

IT Education

CompTIA Authorized Center in Romania Fortinet Silver Partner Fortinet Silver Partner
Cisco Selected Partner HP Preferred Partner IBM Business Partner Fortinet Silver Partner

Class IT certifications

ISO 27001 ISO/IEC 20000-1 ISO 9001

Regardless of the specific activity, companies need scalable solutions adapted to the needs of communication and management of the owned systems. Each solution offered by our team is the result of preliminary checks and the identification of opportunities for improvement or the exercise of specialized control over resources. For increased mobility and increased efficiency, we offer mobile access solutions to email and company resources, security and management solutions, control solutions, and communication solutions within the company.


80% fewer interruptions of the activity

Less than an hour resolution time for 90% of IT support requests

Uninterrupted operation of IT solutions through permanent monitoring 24/7

Data security (real-time data backups)

Guaranteeing IT security through a proactive identification system of IT attacks

Reduction of expenses allocated to IT and predictable budget through partners who support us

Detailed control of IT support activity and delivery reports for managerial decisions based on concrete information

Efficiency in the delivery of IT support, thanks to modern IT ticketing systems